* "Give a Review" 10% Off Offer
1. This exclusive discount is 20% off one design service only.
2. This discount is only available once you provide a review.
3. You can only give a review if you've had service/s from Abbie Ede Design.
4. Reviews should be given via. Google Reviews to be classed as a review. The link to the review form is accessible through the button on the Reviews webpage. If there are any issues with opening the link or completing the form on Google Reviews, please contact Abbie Ede Design.
5. This discount will be applied to your next service.
6. This discount can’t be applied to any current ongoing design services you may have,
7. Multiple discounts can not be used on one design service, this includes if you give multiple reviews. If you do give multiple reviews, you will still receive multiple discounted services.
° AED Referral Scheme
1. Referrers are clients that have used and paid for Abbie Ede Design’s design services between Monday 12th July 2021 to Tuesday 12th July 2022.
2. This scheme expires in 6 months, Friday 13th January 2023. Any Referrals after this date would be appreciated, however, won’t apply to this scheme.
3. The discount amount for Referrers is disclosed through email between Abbie Ede Design and themselves. The discount amount for Referees is on the AED Referral Scheme webpage.
4. Once the Referee has discussed with Abbie Ede Design and agreed on the cost of service and the design service requirements, both Referrer and Referee will both be eligible for their discounts.
5. The discount is to be applied to one design service only.
6. The Referrer’s discount will be applied to their next service with Abbie Ede Design. If the Referrer is currently on a contract with Abbie Ede Design when they receive the discount, this can’t be applied to the current ongoing design services.
7. Referrer can’t transfer any leftover referral scheme slots over to the next AED Referral Scheme.
8. For proof of verification, Referee must use the code provided by the Referrer, when completing the form on the AED Referral Scheme webpage. Once completed, they will be contacted to discuss their design brief.
9. Referrers must not openly share or promote the verification code to get referrals. If this happens, the code is void.
10. Referrers can only use the scheme for two referrals.
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